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Mrs.Umadevi, Software Engineer,

Why do we want to exercise?
Our answer will be to lose weight but what about.
Body inch loss?
To manage healthy lifestyle?
To improve our confidence?
and energized for whole day?

Yes, we will achieve all these by working out every day.

Why Leonas Fitness Studio?
My reasons would be to
1. To work out in fun filled environment
2. To keep the motivation going
3. To get the encouragement
4. To follow the discipline
5. Wonderful coach who guides, encourages and motivates you to achieve the results.

Try and see yourself but remember one thing that any one can guide you the way you want but following it without fail will be in your hands. I lost 5 kilos in 2 months with great inch loss.
OK. Down the line after 6 months, I am back to write more about my experience with ‘Leonas Fitness Studio’. I am very happy I choose Leonas for my transformation because Leonas (Ranjith sir) offers variety of programs 7 days a week which will help us to transform our body with flexibility, toning, weight loss, strength and stamina. I lost 10 kilos in 6 months without any health issues and with great inch loss. I am loving my new self with great strength and stamina.
After 9 months – 16kg weight loss with overall belly inch loss. 
‘I would always recommend Leonas for your own transformation’. For More  #GoGirls


Dr. Swathi, Dentist

Hi this is Dr, Swathi, Dentist it’s a very good experience with Leonas fitness studio I lost 15kgs in 5months.i have been to many other gyms too in my past trust me it’s not like any other gym what I experienced in Leonas is completely a different experience every day new exercises you never get bored of these exercises that use to motivate me it really improved my stamina strength and confidence. Thank you Ranjith sir for helping me loose weight. I would recommend leonas fitness studio to loose weight with ease.  For More



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Why do we want to exercise? Our answer will be to loose weight but what about Body ...

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