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Fit ball Aerobics

Fit balls are now used more and more often in gyms and fitness clubs and are incorporated in exercise and training programs. Often these fitness balls are named Swiss Ball, but you can also encounter other names for this great exercise tool like Stability Ball, Thera Ball, Exercise Ball, Gym Ball or Fit Ball. Duration: 1:00Hr

Fit Ball Aerobics

Benefits of Using A Fit Ball Workout can help improve muscle tone and balance. Fit Balls can increase muscle strength and strengthen all of the principal muscle groups. Not only do they add an enjoyable element to a standard fitness regiment, but they have significant physical benefits as well, primarily due to the unstable ball surface which requires increased activation of the core musculature.

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Workout with a fitness ball can increase muscle tone, increase muscle endurance and strength, restore or improve flexibility, enhance spinal stability, complement your resistance. Fit balls Workouts help strengthen abdominal muscles and lower back muscle. These muscles in turn help to maintain core stability. it Increases resistance to injury, Strengthens abdominal and back muscles.


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