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5 Benefits of Cardio Zumba

According to a study, 19 healthy females between the ages of 18 and 22 who participated in Zumba class burned 9.5 calories per minute. Zumba will also help you burn your belly fat faster if you do it regularly. -Zumba is a Total-Body Workout. -Zumba Promotes Endurance. -Dancing is Great for Reducing Stress. -Dancing Helps Improve Your Coordination. You'll get a Major Confidence Boost (In and Out of the Gym!) Duration: 1:00Hr

Cardio Zumba

Leonas Cardio-Zumba is a great full-body workout that increases strength and cardiovascular fitness, aids in weight loss, and tones the body along with other benefits.

  • Train with the best Cardio Zumba experts in weight loss field.
  • Fitness is about being better than the person you were yesterday.
  • Our personal trainers will help you find a perfect workout.


Zumba’s most well-known and popular program is its namesake class, Zumba. This dance class features high- and low-intensity intervals that help improve cardiovascular fitness while also enhancing balance, coordination, agility, and to some degree, strength through the application of beginner-accessible choreography.


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